Friday, February 18, 2011

Remembering my Perspective

Where is my gaze today...

Uh its really sunny out... and it has been one of those days... that actually goes as planned... no random breakdowns (so far)! It is totally gorgeous outside and I LOVE LIVING within walking distance of such a beautiful park! Barrett loves stroller rides and watching the kids on the play ground and swinging and cooing and throwing toys out of the stroller and just about tuckering out as we round the bend up to the house! I am so excited for the summer with our little B. Ray and I both LOVE taking walks to Starbucks or the park, love days at the pool or beach, early morning trips to Nags Head to stay with Nanny & PawPaw, playing on the deck, and just being outside! It will be so much fun to make more memories and to do it with our little man. Last year I remember taking a walk and talking about pulling him in a little wagon! Awww... and now he is here! The Spring air has definitely brought with it much anticipation!

While my boy was napping I started reading THIS blog that a friend had posted on facebook. It was just exactly what I needed to be reminded of. I can tend to look at all the things that are "wrong" when really nothing is wrong... I am just not fixing my gaze upward... I see the lack of money, the hurting friends, the cancer, the marriage struggles, the fears, the stress, the hurt, the pain, etc... and my mind is honestly filled with doubt. How can I trust you Lord? Everything just seems to be in chaos?!? But after reading this article I was reminded to REMEMBER... to remember HIM and all that He has done for us... all that He has PROMISED... all that He IS. He is I AM!! He is trustworthy, faithful, and compassionate. He has not forgotten me or my situation. He is filled with LOVE as he looks upon His children. How could I doubt my Savior, my Friend, my Love? He is here and He is working in all that concerns me today, tomorrow, and forever!

As I was pondering this I happened upon my friend Libby's blog... She has been such an inspiration as she, a young mom and wife, has battled cancer. She has been honest, humble, and always trusting in her faithful God. I want to have that same faith and trust. To know that no matter what comes... He is in control and will not let me go! Oh, God I pray for faith like my friend Libby!

Perspective is everything... Faith, Hope, and Love...
I want to remember... God is who says He is and God can do what He says He can do!
Filled with Fresh Hope today... This is my perspective today!!

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