Saturday, March 12, 2011

good night, sleep tight

My days are so full... by the time I put Barrett to bed at 8, I am ready to hit the hay myself :) Though the days have been quite packed, they are stuffed full of new milestones, lots of laughs, and making fun memories! So here's a quick update on some of the fun around the Hunt household lately :)

My sweet boy was dedicated to the Lord at church a few Sundays ago...
So fun to watch his personality start to shape into an individual
He rode around in the bike basket for a long time and loved it!
Grammy, Gdaddy, Aunt Betsy, & Patrick came to visit for Barrett's dedication...
It meant so much to have my whole family together!
Barrett is learning to skateboard :)
We also celebrated Uncle Caleb's 9th birthday!
Caleb is such a sweetie... growing into a thoughtful, caring, and very athletic little man!
i l o v e m y f a m i l y
play dates with kaden rock!!
even when they steal each others toys :)
uh just gotta say it...
2 of the cutest boys in to world!!
They play so well together
Little B's first wagon ride with Lukie!!
Luke was so cute to hold B and make sure he didn't tip over!
Barrett is also enjoying a little "Into to Water" class at the YMCA! He loves to splash the little girls, lick the water, kick his feet, and chase the little toy octopus! It is fun seeing him learn to love the water! (pics to follow of swim class!)

One big news flash is... Barrett is finally crawling (started about 8 months and 3 weeks).... well, I guess you can call it that! We fondly call it "the inchworm". He goes from belly to all fours until he finally reaches his destination. It is so cute to see the look of determination on his face! Sometimes I forget he's mobile... like the day that he ended up in a different room while I was in the shower! Yikes! So... we are in the process of baby proofing the house!

Little tidbits are... he loves to drink out of a straw, he claps ALL the time (from the minute he wakes up, until we lay him down for bed), has to turn off the light switch before we leave the room, got his first tooth on the bottom (not a very fun few weeks!), he is taking 2 1/2 hour naps (sweet!), got hsi first pair of sunglasses, loves to "inchworm" over to outlets on the wall and hit them, and he loves to scrunch up his face when he laughs (hilarious!). Anyway, I try to keep up with his baby book, but the blog helps to remind me of the things that he is doing!

Barrett pretty much fills up the majority of our day... but one thing that Ray and I both enjoy is laying down at night in the quiet and getting a good night sleep :) Lately we have both been waking up alot and in the morning we awaken with the worst neck and back pain. Ray's poor mattress has been through many years of faithful service, but time was up! We pulled together our coins (hehe) and purchased a big (yes, king) comfy (pillowtop) mattress! Tonight will be our first night sleeping in it! I feel like its Christmas! We are both so excited to go to bed tonight! :)

So... needless to say, I am signing off for now because my big, beautiful, comfy bed is calling my name!! warm sheets just came out of the dryer... its gonna be a good night!! :)

sLeEp TigHt, Don'T LeT ThE BeDbuGs bItE!!

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abbey said...

Love it! have to agree with you on that one! super cute little dudes :)