Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Books Books & More Books...

Barrett LOVES this little Vtech Rhyme & Discover Book
It talks to him, sings, lights up, and teaches him little songs like...
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Hey Diddle Diddle

When he is calm and able to pay better attention we pull out our
BIG BOY BOOKS (these are the books with paper pages that
are easily ripped... he can only have these when mommy is sitting right there!)

GG bought him the book Full Moon Rising.
It is a wonderful book about God's Glory... and its all about
the moon stealing glory from the Son!

This book has an important message about humility and the dangers of pride.
I pray that Barrett one day understands this...
but for now it is a fun book to read together!

And another FUN book that we love...
Barrett's picture book!
It is a blank book that you can add photos to...
We are working on learning who Aunt Betsy is now :)
(he wanted to eat his book, not look at it in this picture.. ha)

Watching Barrett's love for reading so cute!
More of our favorites to come...

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