Tuesday, May 31, 2011

post birthday...

whew... post birthday mess all around!! had a fun filled weekend watching my little baby turn 1... this has truly been the fastest year of my life!!

mom & dad were in town for the weekend to enjoy the festivities... we also celebrated dad's birthday! my dear college friend julia came into town as well... she's always a helping hand and a happy face! it was wonderful to have her here! lots of other friends and family came out for barrett's surf's up beach party (which my amazing friends, amy and mel, helped to put on)! we made sweet memories and we all love to party! it was a blast!

that night barrett open his gifts... and it really is true, he loved the wrapping paper, bags, and tissue paper more than anything! he has chased the deflated balloons around for 2 days, playing with the left over decorations and party favors for hours, and gone from toy to toy to toy! though he doesn't really have a clue... we are grateful for all that everyone did to celebrate him! there is nothing like thanking the Lord for His sweet faithfulness to us in this first year!

the house is a mess, toys and paper, dishes, dirty floors, dirty diapers, full trash cans, a fridge full of "bad for you" left overs, but my heart is full... full of memories, family, and friends!

my focus has now shifted from barrett's birthday to celebrating my little brother, kyle's high school graduation! he did it... and he did it well! i am working on his senior board this week... i am so excited to fill it with pictures of friends, family, and memories for him! its another reminder of God's faithfulness to him and our family! excited for saturday!!
uncle kyle holding barrett when he was first born

its back to work tonight... i always feel refreshed going into my night shift, but by the morning i am drained! hoping for a quiet night at work... and that those 12 hours fly by! it has been nice to know that ray will be home before my night shift... so we can say a little hello to each other... and its also very nice knowing that he is with my boy at night! we are continuing to pray for grace with his transition to the new job, but over all we have felt peace knowing that we are in faith for what the Lord has for us!

one thing that has kept me going... in the back of my mind i know that we are headed to NYC in a few weeks!! just me and my raybo! my parents are super excited to have barrett with them for a few days too! i know that it will be a time of refreshing for us and our marriage... it is much needed as the past 2 years have been jam packed with new changes!! nothing like time with my best friend :)

so... i hear my little man stirring in his crib, so its off to play for a few hours! busy week ahead, but excited to be with family!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

sWeeTLy OveRwHeLmed

my little boy is turning 1 in just a few days...

lots of birthday planning...

making cakes...

and decorations...


preparing for my family and friends to come into town...

looking forward to the new memories we will make this weekend...

and just remembering... remembering how my life has changed...

for the best...

i have been very overwhelmed lately... in a good way...
my heart is so full of gratitude it just might bust! as i was inviting family and friends to barrett's party i remembered all the ways that people have blessed us, supported us, encouraged us, and just plain walked through life with us in our first year as parents. seeing how much our family and friends love our son is one of the most precious gifts i could ever recieve. how can i say thank you to so many people that have already touched his little life... and ours! there are no words, but i am thankful... so very thankful!

thinking of where i was this time last year... the fear, the aprehension, the frusteration that God would mess up my plan with a baby...
how humbling it is to look back and see my Savior's faithfulness to me when i was so far from faithful to Him. He never let me go... He was my constant... He opened my eyes to the wonder and priveldge of being a mom... He reminded me that He was always there when i needed Him... He was and is faithful and that overwhelms my heart.

i have lots of little snapshots in my mind... and i realized that many of them are memories of barrett and ray. there are no words to express the love that i see in ray's eyes for his son...
from the moment barrett was born, that was his boy... and he was going to do everything in his power to love that little boy with all that he had. he is a proud father... in a very sweet way. he is so attentive to barrett's needs, so playful with him, loves making him laugh hysterically, prays over him every night (and i literally mean every night), and i'm sure he would give his life for him. it is one of the most precious things... watching my love become an amazing dad... that overwhelms my heart.

i always thought i would never know what to do with a boy... well, today i was sitting on the floor crashing trucks into each other saying "vrooom!" and then it hit me... this is what you do with boys! :) my little guy is such a boy... he loves loves loves balls, trucks, anything that makes noise, and he loves to just sneak off and crawl up the stairs at rapid speeds even as i am saying no no no! barrett is always finding something to get into... his adventurous little spirit and joyful heart bring so much happiness to our lives! he is our boy... and there is no other like him!

wow... how many conversations have i held with God this year!?!? a million at least! ...from protection in his crib at night to his salvation one day... my God has heard it all! He has answered us everytime... with protection, care, safety, favor, rest, peace, mercy, provision, and lots and lots of grace. how many tears has he wiped from eyes? how many sleepless nights has he brought me through? how many months did he always provide for us? How many fearful nights did he bring His peace? there was always grace... grace upon grace upon grace! and that just totally overwhelms me...

so... for tonight i am just plain overwhelmed with God's goodness towards us... even when we don't deserve it, He lavishes His children with good gifts... and that overwhelms me! thank you Lord for your good and perfect gifts...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

busy busy baby

been enjoying watching daddy play lots of softball... but barrett just mostly enjoys his date night with lucy :) they are sweet buddies!!


we got to spend a weekend in OBX with nanny and pawpaw for mother's day! it was wonderful to just be away... feel the breeze, take walks, sit on the beach, eat yummy food, and watch my little guy get loved on by his nanny and pawpaw... it makes me heart full... i love family time!

barrett LOVES his pawpaw!
i treasure the moments he still falls asleep on me
barrett plays with pawpaw's cane for hours!!

some one has learning to climb the stairs :) i gotta get him a helmet! ha!

so, my raybo started a new job on monday... i cannot even begin to express how God has met us in this decision. it has been a long time coming... i am in faith for this decision as i see confirmation of the Lord's leading! it has been so wonderful having my man home every evening at dinner time... no more waiting until 8 or 9 at night!! after 2 years of spending MANY nights alone, i feel like we are a real family now... we even get to eat dinner together!! :) my heart is encouraged... thank you Lord for always providing for your children!

chicken tortilla soup... yum!


we celebrated ava, our littlest neighbor's, 1st birthday yesterday! i love celebrating life... ava, you are beautiful little girl... we are praying you continue to grow strong and happy!

happy 1st birthday!
barrett and ava last year right after they were born!
barrett and ava this year! so cute!
friends :)


i love that i have so many little reminders that i am a mom... that we have a son...

barrett and daddy's hats

just added little man's toothbrush and toothpaste to the bathroom supplies
sippy cups and cereal every morning
and the monitor that ray keeps telling me to cut off... just can't bring myself to do it yet!
bottles and oatmeal baths at night
lots of shoes like daddy
toys... toys... toys...
even though our baby has added to our clutter... i love it... and i love that it reminds me of who i am and how blessed we are!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

in 2 weeks...

This time last year I had no idea how much life would change in just 2 short weeks... in the most amazing way!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above."

I love you Barrett David and I cannot wait to celebrate your birthday in just 2 weeks! You are growing into such a big boy... your mama is always proud of you!

... memories... overwhelmed... blessed...