Thursday, May 19, 2011

busy busy baby

been enjoying watching daddy play lots of softball... but barrett just mostly enjoys his date night with lucy :) they are sweet buddies!!


we got to spend a weekend in OBX with nanny and pawpaw for mother's day! it was wonderful to just be away... feel the breeze, take walks, sit on the beach, eat yummy food, and watch my little guy get loved on by his nanny and pawpaw... it makes me heart full... i love family time!

barrett LOVES his pawpaw!
i treasure the moments he still falls asleep on me
barrett plays with pawpaw's cane for hours!!

some one has learning to climb the stairs :) i gotta get him a helmet! ha!

so, my raybo started a new job on monday... i cannot even begin to express how God has met us in this decision. it has been a long time coming... i am in faith for this decision as i see confirmation of the Lord's leading! it has been so wonderful having my man home every evening at dinner time... no more waiting until 8 or 9 at night!! after 2 years of spending MANY nights alone, i feel like we are a real family now... we even get to eat dinner together!! :) my heart is encouraged... thank you Lord for always providing for your children!

chicken tortilla soup... yum!


we celebrated ava, our littlest neighbor's, 1st birthday yesterday! i love celebrating life... ava, you are beautiful little girl... we are praying you continue to grow strong and happy!

happy 1st birthday!
barrett and ava last year right after they were born!
barrett and ava this year! so cute!
friends :)


i love that i have so many little reminders that i am a mom... that we have a son...

barrett and daddy's hats

just added little man's toothbrush and toothpaste to the bathroom supplies
sippy cups and cereal every morning
and the monitor that ray keeps telling me to cut off... just can't bring myself to do it yet!
bottles and oatmeal baths at night
lots of shoes like daddy
toys... toys... toys...
even though our baby has added to our clutter... i love it... and i love that it reminds me of who i am and how blessed we are!

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renkiser said...

sutton and barrett have the same tooth brush:) <3 and miss you!