Tuesday, May 31, 2011

post birthday...

whew... post birthday mess all around!! had a fun filled weekend watching my little baby turn 1... this has truly been the fastest year of my life!!

mom & dad were in town for the weekend to enjoy the festivities... we also celebrated dad's birthday! my dear college friend julia came into town as well... she's always a helping hand and a happy face! it was wonderful to have her here! lots of other friends and family came out for barrett's surf's up beach party (which my amazing friends, amy and mel, helped to put on)! we made sweet memories and we all love to party! it was a blast!

that night barrett open his gifts... and it really is true, he loved the wrapping paper, bags, and tissue paper more than anything! he has chased the deflated balloons around for 2 days, playing with the left over decorations and party favors for hours, and gone from toy to toy to toy! though he doesn't really have a clue... we are grateful for all that everyone did to celebrate him! there is nothing like thanking the Lord for His sweet faithfulness to us in this first year!

the house is a mess, toys and paper, dishes, dirty floors, dirty diapers, full trash cans, a fridge full of "bad for you" left overs, but my heart is full... full of memories, family, and friends!

my focus has now shifted from barrett's birthday to celebrating my little brother, kyle's high school graduation! he did it... and he did it well! i am working on his senior board this week... i am so excited to fill it with pictures of friends, family, and memories for him! its another reminder of God's faithfulness to him and our family! excited for saturday!!
uncle kyle holding barrett when he was first born

its back to work tonight... i always feel refreshed going into my night shift, but by the morning i am drained! hoping for a quiet night at work... and that those 12 hours fly by! it has been nice to know that ray will be home before my night shift... so we can say a little hello to each other... and its also very nice knowing that he is with my boy at night! we are continuing to pray for grace with his transition to the new job, but over all we have felt peace knowing that we are in faith for what the Lord has for us!

one thing that has kept me going... in the back of my mind i know that we are headed to NYC in a few weeks!! just me and my raybo! my parents are super excited to have barrett with them for a few days too! i know that it will be a time of refreshing for us and our marriage... it is much needed as the past 2 years have been jam packed with new changes!! nothing like time with my best friend :)

so... i hear my little man stirring in his crib, so its off to play for a few hours! busy week ahead, but excited to be with family!!

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