Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sunny with a high of POMP & CIRCUMSTANCE

Our dear little brother, Kyle, graduated from high school this past weekend! It has been awesome to watch him grow into a Godly young man... He has such a kind, strong, and compassionate heart... I love how he comes to Ray and I to "talk" about things :) I love that he called the morning of his graduation and asked if Ray and I and Barrett would come on stage with his family. It meant so much to me to see his love for our family! He is a special guy and I am so excited to watch as the Lord guides him into this next season of life! Love you, Kyle! So so proud of you buddy!!!

senior board ( i like to call it God's faithfulness board!) :)
pomp & circumstance
go Kyle go!
you did it!
graduating class of 2011
me & my boys
Then we headed off to OBX to a beach house with all the Hunts!! We had a wonderful time making memories, laughing, playing in the pool, hanging with family...

Auntie Kate & B


Justin & B

the awesome beach house!!

barrett LOVES waving to everything and everyone

beach baby

hmm i think people forgot to tell me that boys love to climb up everything!!

beautiful view

poppop & gg trying to enjoy the hot tub... little boys were surrounding them... haha!!

little luke has grown into quite a big boy... he loves playing in the pool!

hour and hours of chess...

salmon from Alaska

B was lovin some MAJOR attention and new found toys everywhere

uncle caleb and b... good buddies!

barrett in the boat :)

auntie/cousin jessi & ferf!! :)

Then we headed down the road a few miles to give kisses to little "sister" Sophia for her 3rd Birthday!!! Happy birthday Sister... You are such a joyful, adventurous, fun filled, smily, and just TOO darn cute little girl!! So thankful to be a part of your life and watch you grow up! Love you Sophia!!

b & sophia

happy 3rd birthday sister!!

b adores his nanny & pawpaw! :) (especially pawpaw's cane!)
It was a beautiful weekend celebrating our family! I love being a part of such a big family that loves each other and loves the Lord! We are blessed blessed blessed!! Taking all the fun times from the weekend and jumping into this week full of life!!

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