Friday, December 18, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...please

Present time...3:30am - night shift....sooo tired. All my children are snuggled in their beds as
my eyes get heavier and heavier.... So ready to get off and curled up in the car, while my sweetie drives us to Staunton!
Counting down the hours until we leave- just 4 1/2 more hrs :)

Forecast for Staunton:
80% chance of 10 inches of SNOW :) we just might get a white christmas after all.
It will be a wonderful repreive for both of us to relax with my parents and sis.
Mom always showers us with whatever we want seeming that we don't see them
as much as we would like. It is always special to come for a visit though! This
will be my families first time seeing me since we found out we're expecting. So we
have lots to catch up on!

"Bless us Lord, this Christmas, with quietness of mind; Teach us to be patient and always kind."
Helen Steiner Rice

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its Our Wonderful Life

What's new with the little Hunt family:

~ Busy busy BUSY buSY with work! Though I work full time, I am blessed to only work 3 days a week. My work days are definitely filled with lots to do for 12 hours but I usually have a few days to recoup. My sweet hubby stays busy working part time at Veritas Christian Academy teaching PE. He is always coming up with fun things for the kids to do...I think he likes playing as much as they do! He also works full-time at Verizon. He has a wonderful boss that is flexible and fun! All that to say, we stay busy working and cherish the moments we get to just sit on the couch together.

~ Our baby boo is 12 weeks!! My nausea has, for the most part, subsided. I was bracing myself the past 2 months for being very sick...seeming that my mom threw up her entire pregnancy everyday. BUT, much to my surprise, though I was nauseated, I only had a couple of "throw up days." :)
One of my favorite stories thus far in my pregnancy occurred around week 8. I was very nauseous, Ray was up with me at 5am helping me to get ready for work. I finally made it to my car, he was waving at the door, still in his boxers (haha), when I jumped out of the car and finally got some relief from my nausea....all over the front yard! He ran outside to rub my back and make sure I was ok. So...we put on a nice show that morning for the neighbors :)
Oh, and p.s. our baby is as big as a LIME this week! Hehe :) CUTE!

~ We got out christmas tree! We went out to a tree farm in pungo... we had plans to cut one down, but my favorite christmas tree is a frasier fir...they don't grow around here. So, we bought one at the tree farm! ha! :) It was still a special memory.... driving with the tree in the back of the El Camino. Our first tree as a married couple! yeah!

~ Wrapping presents for the cutest boy in the world, snuggling on the couch watching football and christmas movies, finishing christmas cards, and talking about when the baby comes....

~ Reading an AWESOME new book... I was will occasionally read the girl talk blog. The other day they mentioned a blog that they enjoy reading that peaked my attention. I would highly recommend it...I have been very encouraged by reading it....
Anyway, The couple that writes the blog also wrote a book... that I also highly recommend. It has made me super excited about having a baby :) I know that you will be encouraged...and beware you will probably want to start having children once you start reading it!! :)
(photo from website:

~ Celebrated our 5 month Anniversary on November 27!!! The most Amazing 5 months :) So thankful for my husband...who puts up with all my whining (haha), makes me laugh uncontrollably at least 20 times a day, listens to me, holds me, cooks for me, holds the trash can when i'm sick, never complains about working so much, loves our families, is super excited about being a dad, and always points me back to Jesus. I LOVE YOU, RAYBO BABY :)

~ Already receiving presents from GIGI (Ray's mom) & GRAMMY (My mom)...

~ Planning a visit to Staunton next weekend... have not seen my family since we found out we are having a I am VERY excited to spend some time at the little Barrett cottage. It will be wonderful to catch up with my sis since she will be home for Christmas break! I am also looking forward to my first christmas not working in the past 2 years! Yeah! My family will be coming to our house December 26th. I will be so FUN to have both our families together! We all LOVE making memories! So grateful for such supportive families! :)

~ Baking cookies with Grandma Hunt! All the cousins gather every year to bake christmas cookies from grandma's home-made dough... yum!

Ray, Ash, & Baby Boo Hunt :)

~ So, all in all, through the business and craziness of life, we are loving our life together! It truly is A WONDERFUL LIFE!