Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 loves

i LOVE these 2!!
I cannot imagine life without my cutie-boys!

and i LOVE these 2!
Nanny & PawPaw bring so much joy to our lives!

And these 2!
Barrett & his buddy Sutton!

and of coarse, these 2!
Sweet Uncle Caleb & Bear Bear!

sitting on the couch finally... had a very quiet night just relaxing, watching American Idol... after a very busy day of 7 loads of laundry, folding it and putting it away, cleaning out ray's drawers, cleaning every room, going through mail, catching up on the "to-do" list that i have been putting off, and preparing for my family to come this weekend....whew! ...but as i was sitting here, i started remembering so many things that i am thankful for. i was "remembering His benefits"... and they are MANY!

i also was finally able to go to meet with the girls in my caregroup for ladies night! i cannot even express how encouraged i was... seeing their genuine hearts to grow, their love for the Lord and each other, their wisdom and insight into certain situations, and their passion to be the women that God has called them to be was just what i needed. oh to just sit and be real, vulnerable, honest... and to see their love for me was so overwhelming! though i am not able to be as involved and committed as i would like, i know that i was meant to be at that meeting and to fellowship with those girls. so overwhelmed with the truth because of these precious girls :)

tomorrow my cleaning friend comes to help me get some deep cleaning done in prep for my family coming. i love the days when she is here... she is such a speedy, thorough cleaner! i always love my house more after she is done!! :) anyway, i am just thankful for a little help before my family gets here!

i am bubbing over with excitement to see my fam... especially my sis! she is one of my best friends and it is so hard to be so far apart. so i treasure the times that we are together. i love having my family here with me... i feel like they are actually part of my life here when they come visit and that makes me happy. i miss them so much and appreciate all that they do for us. speaking of that, as i was going through the mail tonight, my mom had mailed B a little Valentine card... and it was super cute!!

ray & i had a sweet valentine's... lauryn hill concert :) it was fun just being together and making a memory!

oh, and one last thing... i worked all day on Valentine's Day... after work i went to pck up B from Sharay's and she had done a little photoshoot with him dressed in a red shirt and jeans. his pictures were all over her kitchen, framed and absolutely adorable! it was one of the most special valentine's ever!!


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