Wednesday, February 9, 2011

just another day :)

Just Another day...

Sometimes the mundane morning routine wears on me... getting up early to feed B, longing for more sleep, making my coffee, thinking of what to pack Ray for lunch, playing with B, feeding him again, making breakfast, yada, yada, yada....

This morning I got up early and forced myself to get to the gym.... ugh... nothing in me wanted to go, but I remembered that this would most likely be my only time to myself today... so off I went. Believe it or not, I actually had a good time. Nothing special... just a treadmill, ipod, and my little worn out legs trying to run :) I am always thankful when I do get up and get to the gym. It gives me time to think , pray, and just be alone without the messy house, little baby, and hubby :) As much as I love them, need them, and enjoy every moment with them... I need to be refilled. By the end of the day, my cup is usually empty and I am drained of all energy! So, I am thankful for a nice work out and a little time to get focused before the craziness of the day starts!

We have all been battling the remains of the nasty cold... B started waking up at night because he couldn't breathe... his little nose was all stuffed up. He slept fairly well last night and I am very grateful for that. We are eating vitamins like candy, drinking lots of hot liquids, and just trying to rest as much as possible (ok, the last part hasn't really happened, but oh well!).

We got a new grille for Christmas from Ray's parents to go with our new deck! Ray and his Pawpaw finally got it all put together! We made hamburgers the other night (pretty yummy, but gotta learn to cook them on low... oops!) and last night we made rock fish and had his grandparents, uncle, and cousin over! I'm not a big fish fan, but it was pretty good all grilled up!!

Barrett had a BIG accomplishment yesterday... he actually drank out of his new sippy cup!! He LOVES straws... especially when Ray and I are drinking out of it... so I found a little sippy cup with a straw and he LOVES drinking his apple juice out of it!! He is still trying SO hard to crawl... he gets up and rock and rolls and does whatever it takes to get to his toys, but he just doesn't get that it would be so much simpler if he just used all fours!

Oh well... I love my little munchkin and i love watching him grow into his own little person... he makes Ray and I pretty happy :) Oh, and I did sign him up for his first swim class at the YMCA!! Its basically an intro to water class and the parents get to do it too!! Ray's grandparents and uncle have a little trailer in Nags Head so we are planning to spend some time there this summer... plus he LOVES his bath time in the sink... so we decided that it might be fun for him! I splurged and got him a new rash guard shirt and little pirate swim trunks yesterday... I cannot wait to see him in them!!

Barrett and I worked on a Valentine's Day package to send to my sis at college and my mom :) He drew on the Valentine's and helped me pick out little goodies to send to them... we stickered up the outside of the envelope and headed to the post office! "Will you be my Valentine Grammy & Aunt Betsy?? Love Barrett" :)

Well... off to get somethings accomplished for the day... gotta work all night tonight!! Sleep is over-rated!! :) Oh, and tonight is Barrett and Uncle Dan's first little babysitting time together!! B loves Dan, so we'll see how it goes!!

Just another day... what could be better... :)

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