Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Honor to be a part of the Story

We had a BEAUTIFUL time with my parents in Staunton this past weekend! I have LOTS of pics from our special time with Grammy & Gdaddy! (coming soon!)

We got home late Sunday night and I woke up early for work on Monday, so things have been busy until this morning. I had a premonition that I would be taking care one of our dearest patients on Monday. I got there and saw my name next to hers and my heart was heavy, but glad to be there with her. How do you explain the heaviness that comes with taking care of a patient that will soon go to heaven? How do you describe the honor that comes with caring for such a precious life? The emotions that one has throughout the day can be overwhelming... remembering each sweet time she opens her eyes, each moment her and her family share, each tear that is shed, hug that is given, and words that are left unspoken. It is truly indescribable. Yesterday was filled with those moments of emotion.

One of my favorite "mental snapshots" happened yesterday:
I will always remember one of our precious doctors, coming along side me, to give this sweet girl a bath. To see her sweet demeanor, gentle touch, calming words, and readiness to quickly jump in and help was so humbling. Honestly, most docs won't stop what they are doing to barely even speak with a patient, let alone give a dying patient a bath. Though it has been hard to leave my son to work my 2 shifts a week, yesterday was a reminder of the unique privilege and honor it is to do what I do. As a nurse I not only get the chance to care for the physical needs of people, but the emotional, mental, and spiritual too. wow!

Please be in prayer for our sweet girl that is fighting for each day of her life and for the many other children that are battling cancer. Please pray that the nurses and doctors at CHKD will be used to touch these children and their families in such difficult times.

Love this quote from my dear friends blog:
Sad words are just another beauty. A sad story means, this storyteller is alive. The next thing you know, something fine will happen to her, something marvelous, and then she will turn around and smile. -Chris Cleave, Little Bee

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