Monday, September 27, 2010

big wheels keep on rollin...

i rolled over yesterday at church!
mrs. sabrina and mommy saw it and were so proud of me!
i am still trying to replicate it today...

Went to the Neptune Festival this weekend with GiGi, mommy, & uncle kyle!

little update:
Though it is never easy to leave my little munchkin...
It is getting better and better each week.
It was both, Ray & my, decision for me to go back to work twice a week... one day shift, one night shift.
This is what works best for us... and this is what we feel God giving us grace for at
this time. Though it is hard at times, we are peaceful.
I have actually enjoyed being back to work... once I get there...
I love catching up with all the other moms... having a little grown up time
without doing the whole baby talk thing :)
I have enjoyed getting back to nursing... to helping patients and families
through the difficult times of being in the hospital and dealing with the diagnosis of cancer.
I know that God is using this season to show me all that He has called me to.
His plan is ALWAYS better than mine...

I am loving watching Barrett grow. It seems like this week he has had a big developmental growth spurt... laughing, cooing more, and now rolling over!
God has been so kind to allow me to be such a big part of Barrett's life and work to help our family! I hardly miss much of his life at all :) I am also very thankful that Ray does such an awesome job with the baby overnight and that Ray's mom takes such good care of him during the day! The transition was hard, but it is getting better with each passing week.
I am so grateful for ALL of you that prayed for me, encouraged me, and have walked with
me through this hard transition.
My parents have been an extra special encouragement to me during this time.
I am so grateful for the people that the Lord has placed in my life!

so... embarking on another week at the Hunt household!! :) In all the business, God is quieting out hearts and drawing us to Himself!

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Katy VanRyckeghem said...

so sweet- the picture of him sitting looks like an optical-illusion