Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things I'm learning as a MOMMY...

* LOVIN PAMPERS... baby boy was peeing out of Huggies and we couldn't figure out why... well, it was the diaper. So, mystery solved, no more peeing or pooping out of diapers!

* DON'T BATHE ALONE... Barrett is not too fond of swallow gulps of soapy water. Oops!

* DRINK LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER... or you'll end up in the ER for dehydration. Yeah, I'll never do that again!

* COVER BOY PARTS DURING DIAPER CHANGES... after getting peed on several nights in a row, I think I finally got it! Yes!

* WATCH THE GASSY FOODS... or poor baby will get a belly ache! It is heart breaking to watch his little hands bawl up in agony! Sorry son... mommy is trying! :)

* MOVE THE LITTLE LEGS... to pass the gas! One of our pastors wives told me that trick... it really works! Thanks Sabrina!

* JUST EMBRACE THE NURSING MOMS ROOM... baby might scream or have trouble latching on... oh well.. we've all got the same thing, right?? :) oh, yeah, and forget the little cover ups... me and baby just get tangled in it! ha!

* ATTACH THE PACIFIER TO THE SHIRT... or it will continue to fall on the ground... how many times do I need to learn this one!??!

* GIVE LOTS AND LOTS OF KISSES! My boy is the BEST cuddler in the world... and I'm soaking up every minute of it! Barrett just seems to roll with the flow... He is pretty patient as his mom learns to me a MOMMY! Its AWESOME!!!


Kristi said...

It was good to see you on the 4th Ashley! Your little one is precious. Love the blonde hair. I chuckled at your latest blog. I discovered that if I lifted my son's diaper for a second and then put it back and waited a minute, I would not get sprayed. It took me a little while to get that one too! How crazy that the diaper brand can make a difference! Also, I found dressing rooms in stores with no nursing area to be helpful. Don't have to cover up, either! Have fun as you continue the adventure. :)

Cress said...

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