Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HE builds this House... thankfully!

i've lost count of the number of cups of coffee i have consumed today... the caffeine is only lasting about 5 minutes.... whew!

i am exhausted... to say the least... i am sure that ray is ready to lock me in a closet today... because everything just seems off... mainly me...

i haven't felt this run down in a long time. i was feeling pretty charged up and ready for my super mom week... balancing the whole be a good wife, great mom, and awesome nurse! well, that all came to a crash landing by tuesday morning. my work schedule has included days, nights, classes... and everything in between... causing my sleep to be broken and just not very good. barrett is in the midst of changing from two naps to one. and ray and i are usually so tired by the time we sit down at night... we fall asleep on the couch!

if you know me, you know i love a new fresh calendar month, cleaning my weekly white board "to-do" list, and planning the events of the week... meals, play dates, work schedules, etc. everything has been falling into place, following the schedule to a "T". then, my over zealous passion to live life to the fullest slows me down... making me realize my frailty, my dependence on Jesus, and my utter need of Him for every task! i am sitting here completely aware of this fact... "Unless the Lord build the house, its builders labor in vain." Psalm 127:1. yes, Jesus, i remember, you are building this house... you are in control... you will give me strength and wisdom in how to pursue this week...

last week was filled with some sweet play dates... causing my heart to be filled to over-flowing! encouragement, laughter, and just all being in this journey together causes my heart to sing... and make me long for even more of these precious times with dear friends and their little ones! but i also must remember that my heart needs rest as well... there are times that we just stay at home in the quiet of the moment and soak up those times. i want my heart to be just as readily open to receive from the Lord in these moments too.

so... i already over-did it this week... and i still have a LOT of things that have to get done... that will get done... and i will make it... even in my exhaustion... we will get through. and not just "get through it"... we will smile and laugh, and make memories, and spend ourselves to the fullest... but we will also rest, and be quiet, and know our limitations.

this week is a "one moment at a time" kinda week. so in this moment... the house is trashed around me, barrett is running around yelling cracka, and we are counting the seconds until dada comes home to rescue us!

"He knows our frame, He remembers that we are dust." Psalm 104:14.

*** after re-reading my post, and looking at the cute pics of my B, and remembering God's promises... I already feel encouraged!! :) we're having a dance party in the bath tub now!!! ***

oh! and my sweet sis is getting hitched!!! :) she is engaged to her best friend Patrick! Can't wait to start wedding planning with her!!! Plans for dress hunting in the near future!!! Yeah!!

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