Friday, October 7, 2011

i LOVE mommy & barrett days!

finally made it through my work week... now for a 3 day weekend... yeah!!

today... barrett and mommy day... played ball, got dressed in some fall colors, ran to target with our buddies nadine and will, and came home for lunch with daddy and nap time.

i have felt more refreshed today... sipping my coffee, rather than throwing it in a to-go mug only to get cold by the time i get to drink it at work... it's nice to just sip :)

instead of shoving down breakfast and jumping in the car to get to the Y for the 8:30 cycling class, we just stayed in our pj's a little longer and played with every toy in the living room...

i normally try to clean up the kitchen while B runs around eating cherrios and watching mickey mouse clubhouse in the morning, but today we just left the dishes (which i need to get up and do) and read all the books on the shelf... well, attempted to read all the books on the shelf...

b is hating shopping carts these days, so as embarrassing as it was seeing him meander up to random people and say "craca" (cracker) and pull things off the shelf, and run around yelling "fooball" (football)... so today he got to get "down" and run around target, while people were looking around for that little boy's mom :)

we are pushing back nap time and trying (and i use that term lightly) to get rid of the paci... so he lasted until about 1:00 and he was over "pushing back nap time." so we got in the car and he then he began yelling "papi, papi, papi" (pacifier).... so i gave in.... we came home for a nap with paci in mouth and little eyes shut tight... but i hear someone in their crib now whimpering... so it looks like the afternoon festivities of mommy and barrett day are to be continued... :)

thankful for a day with my little one :)

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