Thursday, November 4, 2010

baths, belly, & urbana

My little boy has had BAD eczema :( It breaks my heart... neither Ray nor I have eczema, but poor baby somehow has it. It is especially bad behind his little legs... red, raw, dry, and i'm sure very itchy. I have been nervous that it is only going to get worse as the weather gets colder. So... we have been trying different lotions and bath time rituals, etc. We have FINALLY found something that works! Every night we give him an oatmeal bath and rub him down in a cream that contains candula! In 3 days, yes 3 days, my baby's eczema is almost completely gone! Yeah!

I was struggling the past few weeks trying to figure out why Barrett was hungry every 2 hours. Was he teething, hungry, itchy from his eczema, etc? Why did he all of a sudden start waking up in the night? Why was he seeming fussier at times? Of coarse, its a guessing game with a baby because they can't tell you what they feel. Anyway, after trying different things we decided to go with hunger... :)... yes, my tiny guy is on the small side and was seeming to be hungrier... I could tell that since going back to work my milk supply has diminished to some extent, so we decided to try some rice cereal. He wasn't too impressed with rice cereal in the bottle, so we mixed some up in his little baby bowl with his adorable little baby spoon and he was ALL about it! He gets so excited to devour that yummy rice cereal! We sit him in his little bumbo on the table, and he prays with daddy, and then he crushes his food. We have started adding a little prune juice with it to make a little sweeter. It is so cute watch how excited he gets! I can't believe he is already eating cereal! Ah! Where has the last 5 months gone?!?! So... after introducing him to cereal, he is much happier, taking better naps, and appears to LOVE it! And, now he is loving nursing every 4-5 hours with adequate milk...and I can actual get something done because he's not starving all the time! :) It is so fun to watch him grow... I can already see, even after just a week, his little cheeks are getting chunkier and he is gaining more weight! :)

I love celebrating each milestone, each memory, and looking forward to many more! :) We are counting down the hours for daddy to come home... he has the next 2 days off! Yeah! Ray planned a fun trip for us to... Urbana Oyster Festival for Saturday! Looking forward to a fun family time with Nanny & Pawpaw!

Happy weekend! :)

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Katy VanRyckeghem said...

glad to hear about your discovery to cure eczema! i know of lots of kids who have that! i miss you sweet friend, have fun with your family