Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Florida, Family, & Fab-u-lous!

Hunt/Grete Family Reunion
Niceville, Florida

Barrett waiting for his first plane ride!
He did amazing! No crying... slept and cooed :)
I am so proud of him!!

Finally arrived!
Barrett meeting his little cousin Sutton!
Fist pump baby! :)

Eating lollipops together at the beach.

Florida beach!
blue water, white sand!

Special swim time with daddy and Barrett

So many sweet kids!

Hmmm.. time for some rest with Auntie Ferf

Aunt Trinky (PopPop Hunt's sister) with Sutton

GiGi and Barrett time!
We had withdrawls when we got back from seeing GiGi every morning :)

Gorgeous dock where we stayed!

Time with Auntie Kates!!!

Worship time with the family!

Baby Barrett laughed for the first time!

Learned how to shoot!
haha! I was scared!

Date Night with the new married couples!
Dinner at Outback and a Movie

The Fam :)

Barrett and Sutton holding hands

As I think back over our time in Florida I am overwhelmed with gratefulness...
To think that an entire family is all believers... having devotions each night, singing worship music, encouraging one another in the Lord... wow! What a blessing!
What a sweet time of fellowship, laughter, and precious memories!
I am so thankful to be a part of such a dear family! Can't wait to make more
memories and spend more time these sweet families!
God is good!

On Saturday Barrett and I drove to Richmond to see my family. Ray had work so I headed down the road with my little guy. My sis is leaving for college in Tennessee in a few days, so we wanted to give her a chance to give Barrett a few kisses since she won't see him until Thanksgiving most likely. :( Once I got into Richmond I got lost... scary... and Barrett woke up and started screaming...and I ended up at a toll booth that you had to have exact change at! I was loosing it! I was in tears trying to search for coins in my car... which I eventually found... despite the people blaring their horns behind me! Mind you, Barrett is still screaming!! I finally see a little lady getting things out of her car. I got out and asked directions. She was so sweet and gave me perfect directions and I eventually made it. I must say that was a moment of major sanctification! ha! :)

It was sweet to see my family love on my son :) They were talking about all the new things he is doing, how big he has gotten, and just how cute he is :) My sis held him just about the whole time. Even when he fell asleep she didn't want to put him in his stroller. He is loved more than he even knows... and I am grateful.

On the way home, my sweet son decides to again start crying :( I pulled over twice, but then just decided to let him cry and get home. I think that I will wait a little longer before I take another trip without Ray. It would have been nice to have a second pair of hands. All in all we made it home, and my family was grateful for the time they got with him.

On another note, I go back to work 2 weeks from today! Yikes! How quickly time has passed! I am starting to get things together for how the schedule will look once I go back. I know that God is going to give much grace as we walk through this season :) I talked with my dear mother in law, Sharay, this morning and she was headed to get a car seat, diapers, wipes, etc for when she starts baby-sitting him :) I am so thankful for her love for Barrett and her heart to serve our family in this season. I know that she is so busy herself, but to see how excited she is about having him 1-2 days a week is so sweet! Ray is excited (i think) about having "boy time" with Barrett on the night shifts that I work. I am excited to see the special bonds that form.

I am actually feeling more and more ready to go back to work myself though. I know that many people have different opinions about moms working, but I am confident that this is what God has for us at this time. I am preparing myself for the first few time I leave him for 12 hours... but I know that it will get easier with time. I see how well he does with Sharay and how attentive she is to his needs... and that helps me to feel more peaceful. I am excited to see my friends from work and to catch up on their lives! I am ready to see the Lord use me in the lives of my patients again. Someone told us recently, GOD IS FOR YOU... and that is what I put my trust in! :)

Yesterday was amazing... I called Aunt Kates (Ray's sis) to come over and play with Barrett while I get a few things done! Well, Katelyn brought 2 of her friends... they helped me clean, straighten, dust, vacuum, and hang out with the baby! It was the most I have gotten done since before I was preggo! Thank you sweet girls for your servants heart! :)

Lately I have been feeling like its Christmas every morning.. because.... my dear father in law made wood for our deck... and they are building the deck this week! It is beautiful! I am overwhelmed at his generosity! I can't wait to have a place to sit and let Barrett play outside! :) I will post some pics of the deck soon!!

Well, I guess I better get some things done before my little one wakes up! Ahhh, the life of a mommy :) I LOVE it!

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