Saturday, June 26, 2010

To My Amazing Dad and Sweet Husband ~ Happy Father's Day to my favorite guys!

I've been meaning to write this now for a week or so... I wanted to honor my dad and my husband for Father's Day!

My precious dad,
Where do I start?!? As I think back over the years, the first memory I have of you and I, is when I would wait at the door for you to come home from work... then I would run out to the driveway and give you a huge hug! I loved you so much as a little girl! As I grew a little older I remember all the times we would sing together, play together, and you would you make laugh! I even remember writing a paper in the 3rd grade about my dad being my hero :) Then the season came where I believe we truly became best friends... rides to Harrisonburg just for fun, talking until midnight about the what the Lord was doing in our lives, how we would keep a joke going for a long time, how you would make me laugh until tears came, helping you with worship at youth group, playing tennis, taking walks around the park, you teaching me how to drive stick, and so many more memories that I will forever cherish. Then came college, the first time in our lives that we were apart for a long time... my heart ached for you... but I loved our talks while I was walking to class, or the times that I would call you late at night just because I knew you would be up, and the the fun times that we had when you and mom came to visit me! After college, you made it possible for me to move to virginia beach... calling the church, making arrangements with the Kee family, and making sure I was in a safe environment. Since I have now been away from home for three years, our relationship has taken on a different face... especially with my new marriage and baby :) You have now become so much more of a friend than I could have imagined! I look to you for wisdom and encouragement with my family and my walk with the Lord. I also love hearing what the Lord is doing in and through you in your season of life! I am overwhelmed with how blessed I am to call you my father and a dear dear friend! Thank you for loving me and my family... for always trying to see the best in us... and caring deeply about what is going on in our lives! You have shown your genuine love for me in the way that you call, email, and visit us regularly! You have showed me what it means to have a heart of worship... to passionately love my Savior! Most of all. thank you for being so instrumental in leading me to the cross of Christ. You helped to show me all that was accomplished for me there, and I am forever grateful to you for that! Know that Ray, Barrett, and I love you very much! I am so excited for all the the Lord has in store for our family! So, Happy Father's Day, my sweet dad! My love for you remains the same as it always has, because I will always be your daughter and you will always be my dad!

With much love and gratefulness,
Your daughter... forever,


My sweet Ray/Daddy!

Happy First Father's Day! Wow! I had no idea you would be a father in your first year of marriage... but I can say with confidence that you have embraced this year with all its ups and downs and craziness with strength and peace! Thank you for the way that you served me during my pregnancy! It was the most precious memory to see your face when you found out we were having a boy... but then to see your face once your precious son was in your arms is something I will never forget! You have jumped right into being a dad... from dirty diapers to late night rocking to showing off your son to everyone you see :) I am so proud of you!! I know that Barrett loves you so much already! Even last night when I couldn't get him to be quiet, all it took was laying him on your chest and he was asleep! I cannot wait to see all that you will become as our sons grows! You are an amazing dad and Barrett and I love and appreciate all you do for our family! Love you honey!

Love always, Barrett and Mommy :)

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