Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things Baby Bear Loves

* SUNSHINE (some times we even have to take walks in the driveway to sunbathe or sit under the tree with the neighbor)

* Early Mornings in bed with daddy and mommy (I'm usually very happy and alert at this time)

* MILK (once I latch on, its history!)

* Falling asleep on mommy's chest (sometimes I secretly cry at night to get mommy to let me sleep on her ;)

* My Family and Friends (I love being held, cuddled, rocked, kissed... and LOVED)

* Gas drops (Mylicon is my mom's new best friend... who knew everything gives me gas, but at least I like the taste of it)

* Colors!

* Watching the World Cup with Daddy

This week the new things I can do are.... blow bubbles with my mouth and stretch my chest really high :)

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since baby Barrett came into our lives and our world!
It has been amazing! Everyday he changes and grows! What a sweeeeet boy we have!

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