Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On Saturday I went bowling with one of my favorite families...the Hunts! :)  I'm so blessed to have them as a part of my life!!  They all have such precious hearts for Jesus....AND they love to have FUN!!! :)

That's MY boy :) 
Silly Caleb...

Ray and his sweeeeet mom :)  So cute!

I GOT A STRIKE!!  (everybody broke 100, but I was trailing behind with 70 baby!)
I love being with him :)

He was workin it!! 

Kyle was trying to coach me..i'm not a very fast learner!  But he has some smooth bowling moves!

Go ahead girl... That cycling is paying off!  ;)

Grandma Hunt had it goin on!

My cute little twin...

Yeah for FUN Saturday outings!!


Katy Van said...

So fun Ash! Glad to see some pics of that day. Thanks for hanging yesterday- have a great two days at work and a wonderful time with your parents and Ray. Love you!

heather michelle said...

Ashley, what fun pictures! You two are so cute...I LOVE it!!! Miss ya, girlie!