Thursday, October 9, 2008


FALL is my favorite season!  I saw that Lizzy posted her favorite things about fall and I wanted to participate :)  This is a picture of my sis and I last fall in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley!

I love...
*Pumpkins!!...I'm terrible at carving them though :)
*The way my mom decorates our little house with cute autumn things
*LEAVES...In Staunton (my hometown) the leaves change the most amazing colors...its breathtaking!
*Barn Dances :)
*Crisp air in the mornings on the way to work
*My grandma's pumpkin pie... though, the older she gets, the more she forgets important ingredients such as sugar..haha!
*Wearing vests and cardigans!  
*MoUnTaInS. . . 
*Sitting on the porch with a blanket, Starbucks, my journal, and the Word spending time with the Lord :)
*Hay rides...I'm such a kid sometimes!!
*Taking walks with my friends...sharing our hearts...breathing in the smell of the most wonderful season :)  

Yeah for Fall!!
Happy Harvest :)