Sunday, October 19, 2008

CaNcEr needs a cUrE!

I wanted to post some links to some of the precious kids that I have had the priveldge of caring for... These are blogs that families update through the joys and sorrows of their journey with cancer... so inspiring.

This sweet boy, Keeghan Barry, has inspired my life so much and I was only with him for one week at Camp Fantastic. His mom has a very honest blog about his story. He passed away one week after Camp was over...but what a joy to spend that last week watching him live!

Last week was a hard week at work. We had two very special patients pass away. Tommy was one of them. He was the smartest kid I have ever taken care of! He was hilarious too...always had something to remind you about :) His story will bring tears to your eyes...his family is going through so much heart ache at this time. I know his parents would appreciate your prayers.

Happy news! Two of my favorite kids in the world... full of personality and FUN!
Sky and Jacob are both in remission from very serious cancer...yeah!!

Thank you, friends, for all your prayers and listening ears as I share my stories!


Katherine M. said...

Ashley, Thanks for sharing about these kids. I haven't gone to the blogs yet, but I will read them and be praying for you and their families.

Natasha said...

Wow, I can see how the job you have can be both wonderful and rewarding and yet also a very difficult job.