Tuesday, October 23, 2012

life in pics

baby boy is getting SO big!

handsome boy!

froyo with our friend carol

this boy is a ham! he keeps us laughing!

my boy and i spend many afternoons napping...
and i've grown to learn that napping is perfectly ok for mommies too! :)


just sittin on my scooter watching yo-gabba gabba

fall has come to the hunt house... and i LOVE it!

amazing things happening here at CFNI..
our times of worship here have marked us forever...
if you ever want to watch, tune into cfni.tv 

these little danskos are getting lots of use..
being a full time nurse again :)
and i like it!

my punkin in his new soccer chair!!

seriously, the light of my life

rockin our nikes :)

watching the dodge-ball tournament with mommy!
all the kids got a chance to go out and play too and my boy, apprehensive at first,
got in the game!!

faith and barrett.
barrett HAD to wear his football uniform for her! cute!

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