Tuesday, August 14, 2012

t e x a s... finally

our house is in disarray, but our hearts are oh so happy... we are finally here.  all the plans, all the waiting... we are finally getting settled in our little nest here at CFNI.  our life has definitely been turned upside down; as it seems we have now entered a country all of its own... TEXAS! 

my little guy is nestled right by side, snoozin away, swallowed by our new warm yellow comforter...  (buying new comforters is just a must when you move into a new home)...

the ride out here was thankfully less than eventful... we met our burgers and fries quota this past week, drove 20-west for what seemed forever, saw old friends, opened up 24 Dollar Tree presents with Barrett (most of which are now broken and in the trash), paid what seemed a million dollars to the gas stations along the way, and stared at a Budget truck for countless hours.  But my personal favorite memory from the ride here was having my best friend by my side for the entire trip.  We laughed, did ALOT of catching up, and it gave me peace of mind knowing she was right by my side.  we were overwhelmingly blessed on our way out here... very thankful!

the past 2 days have been nothing but unpacking... but its actually felt like Christmas!  i love opening each box and figuring out where things will go.  i really like our new home.  its small and old... and just right for us right now.  we have all been a little more thankful the past few days.  ray has been unloading, hanging curtains, setting up all the electrical things, and doing whatever i ask... and all with a great attitude! ;)  things are still a mess for sure.  but there are more important things in life... like blogging and snuggling. :) 

tomorrow starts orientation (and they include the spouses).  i love how they are SO family oriented here.  we have already been greeted by some smiling faces!  even barrett has some new friends already!  we leave Friday for the Encounter Retreat as a family... to seek the Lord before school starts on Monday.  Such a privilege to be at a school that puts Jesus first!  so excited to be standing beside ray as he starts his journey... really i couldn't be more thankful for him!

we're here. we're ready. more to come from T E X A S...

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