Sunday, August 19, 2012


i can hardly believe that we have been here one week... sometimes i can't even believe we are really here and we are really this peaceful.  we already feel so comfortable calling this home.  yes, there are a few things that we are having to go without... but it has already been SO worth it!  we have been completely overtaken by the Spirit of God & completely overwhelmed by His provision.

i am learning how to give up so many little things that i have been accustomed to...  here there are small rooms, one old bathroom, no dishwasher, no storage space, trusting God for $, etc.  but ray and i have both said it more than once this week... the spiritual food we are receiving has crowed out our need for anything else.  all we want is more of Him.  "home" is starting to mean something new to me...

this past thursday we left for the new student encounter retreat.  it was a time in both our lives that we will never forget.  we have been soaking in the presence of God... basking in His great mercy... repenting... confessing... worshipping... just seeking the heart of God.

we just returned from a cook-out with all the new families that arrived on campus.  it's an amazing community of believers here.  it has been wonderfully encouraging to meet new moms and their kids.  it feels like everyone we talked to is in the same boat... huge step of faith to be here.  it's a sweet place to be when you come to the end of yourself... and the only thing that remains is Him.  

ray starts classes in the morning.  b will start his little preschool too.  i am going to work on getting the house back to a semi-livable place. :)  more to come about my new job soon... it's another God story!

this is a new song we just learned, but it has become the cry of our hearts...
"Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere,
Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for
to be overcome by your presence, Lord."

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