Saturday, April 9, 2011



Most Saturdays are filled with lots of family time for most people... but many Saturdays Ray has to work. So most of the time Barrett and I go to swim lessons, take naps, play, and clean the house. But last Saturday we were all off together and got to go to swim lessons! It was so much fun to watch Barrett and Ray interact... they are buddies and I love that! Barrett wears his sweet little swim trunks and rash guard with his scrawny white arms and legs sticking out! Barrett loves the water and loves splashing, clapping, licking the water, and playing with his buddies in the pool! Its so cute!! I think that being in the water with us every week has helped to build his trust and show him how fun the water is! He is doing great :)

He loves the kickboard and little red octopus toy!
Learning to float on his back... He stiffens up like a board!
Playing on the floating duck!
Trying to teach him to blow bubbles, but he just wants to lick the water!
Learning how to do a sit dive!

I can't believe it is already Saturday again... this week has dragged out... with the nasty GI bug running havoc on our house!! First my sweet little baby came down with it... then onto daddy... and just when everything was washed up and pretty much back to normal mommy got it!! Nothing will slow you down like sickness. I'm thankful for family coming to our rescue to help. I am also thankful that we are all feeling much better! I missed cuddling with my Ray, playing with my happy smily baby, and of coarse being able to get out and visit friends. Hoping to rest this weekend... I think we all need it!

I think the worst part for me was not being able to get fluids into Barrett. He could not keep anything down. It broke my heart to see him so lethargic and sad. He liked eating popsicles with his dad... Poor little guy can't afford to loose anymore weight... he already so tiny!!

I hear my baby crying in his crib, so better go grab him :) Daddy is on his way home from work now! I think the only good thing about us all being sick was that we were all home together... and I wouldn't trade time with my boys for anything!!

Heres to another Saturday!

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