Saturday, January 29, 2011

quick trip to staunton:

driving over sweet afton mountain * healthy/yummy dinners made by my mom * little b all smiles with gdaddy & grammy * barrett showing off his new skills * lots of laughing * reading crazy love * journaling * catching up on my one year bible reading * long talks with dad about life and future * barrett trying new foods * actually getting a little more sleep than usual * missin my best friend * little munchkin turning 8 months old * asking mom lots of questions about being a mommy * meeting the newest murray addition josiah * celebrating stephanie & andrew's engagement with friends * passing barrett around to the staunton clan * my boy making me a proud mama * watching my mom rock Barrett when his teeth hurt at night * falling in love with my little man's sleepy eyes and new squinty smile * missing daddy * b rockin the bumbo at dinner * celebrating zeke's first birthday * chatting with my old pals that are now amazing moms * encouraging each other * texting ray * watching barrett throw toys across the room ha * stopping in to see great-grandma mccarthy * jj & pearl (grandma's dogs) keeping barrett's attention * little boy eating yogurt melts for the first time while being pushed around the grocery store * mom's little portable fire-place * bringing roses from my hubby with me in the car so that i can enjoy them * b laughing at new things * reading books with grammy at pufferbellies * really missing my raybo * buying presents for zeke & kayden at pufferbellies * thinking how fast time flies * tearful at times just remembering how precious life is * talking new recipes and healthy ideas with mom * church friends * i LOVE memories... i love remembering them, making them, and being a part of them, and cherishing them!

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abbey said...

So glad you had a fun, quick trip Ash!! Kaden loves his presents from you guys! he was throwing his puzzle pieces around all day ;) and he loves listening to the dinosaur ROAR. You guys are so sweet..thanks for loving my little man. LOVE YOU!