Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ephesians 2:10
For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus 
to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. 
(pictures compliments of Sharon Benson)

Everyday the kids would wave to us outside the bus
windows...sooo cute!

All of us squished on the bus...

VIVIAN!  This was my dear friend Vivian that helped to 
translate for Dr. Jeff and I.  She was so helpful!  
We spent most of everyday together...we were able to have
many conversations about the Lord.  It was so hard
to say goodbye to her.  Please pray that Jesus would 
protect her from the evil in Africa and that she would stand strong
and represent the gospel :)  She is a beautiful girl...inside and out! :)

Sharon and I with the Covenant Mercies sign :)

Martha and I...we were the shortest people on the trip :)
so we had to get a picture together!  haha!

Said was our bus driver.  We were able to share the gospel with him.
The team got him a Bible that we all signed.  He loved it and
said that he couldn't wait to start reading it!  Pray that he comes
to know the Lord!!  

The women carried all kinds of things on their heads...
I even saw one carrying a standing up on her head!
It was hilarious looking...but they were talented...I could never
do that...bananas, water, bags, wheat..all on their heads!  whew!

The only animals we got to see, other than the lizards on our wall, was
BABOONS !  They were crazy!

This was Sue and Sharon with Sylvia...Sylvia was 
one of the girls that worked at the guest house that we
stayed in.  She was the sweetest girl...such a servant!  
She would bring Sharon and I hot water every night
for our "shower."

One afternoon a dance party broke out!  
They were gettin down!

Pastor Moses and his wife Sarah

Evelyn and Sylvia with Sharon and I :)

This is us walking into the clinic in the morning...all
the people were waiting outside the gates...

Doing a little after church shopping at the town 
down the road.

Sweet little girl at church...She loved that necklace!
Vivian (pictured above) gave me that necklace...
It is so beautiful and meaningful :)

These little girls were washing their feet before they
went into the church.  It was rainy on Sunday, but the 
people still walked quite a ways to get there and worship.

This is the church...

Jeff and I in our little office seeing a patient.
God opened my eyes while I was there...He
reminded me that He is still a miracle working
God!  Each day was filled with so many suffering people...
God gave our team much GRACE to meet the needs of the
people to the best of our ability...spiritual and 
physical.  My heart broke as I held the 
babies, touched the children, listened to the stories of the 
adults.  The Lord reminded me that each time Jesus did
a miracle in the Bible, "He was moved with compassion."
God filled my heart with His compassion for these hurting people...
and it changed my life forever...

Amos, one of the Uganda nurses, helped us by triaging patients
and taking vitals.  

This little boy was stuck on me one day...he just 
hung on my arm or my leg!  So cute!!!

The girls at church...

The sweet children :)

Isaiah 49:10

They will neither hunger nor thirst, 
       nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. 
       He who has compassion on them will guide them 
       and lead them beside springs of water.


xandras spot said...

Looks like you and Shanon had a great time.

Mimi said...

Wow! What an amazing experience. It was so nice to officially meet you last night. You are such an amazing example of God's love.

Wasko Family said...

Wow, Ashley. What a memorable trip. I admire how you are using your gifts to serve others and share God's love with them.

It was great spending a little time with you at CG last night. Thanks for visiting.

God bless!