Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Disclosure: These pictures are from my 
disposable camera, so they are not so great...
 They are totally out of order too...haha!  
Hope you enjoy :)

Arriving in Entebbe, Uganda!
I was so so excited!!  

I had the most amazing time with my precious
friend Sharon.  It was so special to be able to 
share this time with her!  Love you Sharon :)

This was the most adorable little girl that wore
my jacket during the church service.  She loved it!

The dentist office

This is Sylvia and Evelyn...
These girls won my heart from the first day there...
Evelyn (next to me) is 15 and I found out she needed a
I am her new sponsor!  It was amazing when I got to tell her :)
I left lots of my clothes with her because she is just my size!  
The Lord is so faithful to His children!

The children were absolutely beautiful!
They loved cameras and lollipops :)

Potty hole...Yikes!

Always smiling...

The waiting room...
Everyday in the morning there tons of people waiting
out in the front for the gates to open.  They were so 
desperate for help.  It was so humbling... 

This was Jeff Anderson...he was the doctor I worked with
during our time in Kiburara.  He is a rehab/ortho MD.  I 
learned so much as I watched him.  He calls Africa his second home.
His love and care for the people there was contagious.  It was a 
privilege to work alongside him to be the hands and feet of Jesus! (sorry the pic
is crooked....gotta love disposable cameras)

This is our humble little pharmacy stocked full of all kinds of
medications :)  Every morning we would go "shopping" and get
the meds we needed for the day.  This is Dr. Joe the OBGYN doctor (Sharon
worked with him) getting his meds from Martha one of our precious 

This is Sharon showing you our little "shower bucket."
It was quiet the experience let me tell ya.  I won't go into too much detail.  
Let's just say the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was TAKE A SHOWER!!!

This is Sharon under her mosquito net...that was full of holes.  
Not really sure what the purpose was...haha!  

BIG BEN!  Hangin in London was a blast...we basically just ran around 
and looked at all the sites.  

This is our group..all bundled up! It hasn't snowed in London in 20 years
....guess what happened the
day we were supposed to leave....uh yeah, SNOW!!  None of us
had packed for snow, but we were so excited it didn't matter... Though 
my feet were frost bitten by the end of the day :)  

Sharon and I at the pub....not a big fan of English food...

Me, Marilee, and Rose...I've always wanted a picture in 
one of these telephone booths!  Yeah!

     This gives you an idea of what it was like...but no picture will ever capture the things we saw while we were there.  My heart was heavy every day we drove to and from the we drove I was surrounded by poverty...poverty like I have never seen before...mud huts, children without clothes and shoes, people working the fields just to get one meal for the day....but the one thing that kept me getting up every morning to go back to the clinic was the SMILES.  The people were always smiling...they have nothing, they may never have anything...but they SMILE, they SING, they TRUST, and they LOVE.  
     At church on Sunday, Pastor Moses and the people in his church were so full of Jesus, so passionate, and so loving!  It was contagious! :)  Each one of us from the states had to say a little something at church...the theme that seemed to stand out as each one of us talked was...God has not forgotten Kiburara...God sees and knows and He will be faithful to His beloved children.  I pray that God continues to send revival to this little village, that God would "open rivers in barren places," that the springs of living water would rush through that little town and that God would be glorified!  What a privilege to be a part of God's work in Kiburara!

More to come... :)  

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I wanna work with Dr. Joe!!!! :) The pics and blog are awesome Ash...way to go.