Tuesday, January 29, 2013

one proud sissy

My sissy, my best friend, 
Dear Auntie, Sweet Daughter,
Loving wife, Special friend,
Amazing teacher, passionate woman...

During our time in Virginia, I was able to stop by and see my sister's first classroom!  She is a first year history teacher. I have never felt more proud of my sis that day.  She was so humble and so cute as she showed me all the "little things" that made her classroom special.  My sis, she has a teacher heart, just like our mama.  It was really special to see.  My heart almost burst out of my chest as I was overwhelmed by the favor of the Lord over Betsy's life. I know she will have many more testimonies of God's great grace and blessings on that little classroom.  His Spirit was there and that was truly my favorite part...

yeah, i'm pretty much beaming!!!

** side note: on our way into her classroom, she was chatting with everyone... even the janitor... and that's one thing i love about my sis... she loves people, no matter who they are or what they do. **

the little table skirt my mom made for her...

the first thing i saw when i walked in the room was this pic!

Her classroom

The awards she's received and the article about her in the paper :)
she would never tell you, but she is already an amazing teacher and its
only her first year!

I loved this note that one of her students wrote her because at the bottom
it says, " You are the teacher I can trust."
Wow... She has gained the trust of her students...

I know it has been hard on her, starting a new job, learning how to manage a household, be a wife, and do all the little things that still need to be done.  But I am amazed at her steadfast heart... her will to get up in the morning with a smile on her face... and impact the next generation...

She's more than just a teacher, she is the teacher that her students can trust and I know that God will bless that abundantly!  So excited for the impact that she will have on the public schools and the children that attend!  

Mrs. Betsy Joy, thank you for impacting the next generation!  I could not be prouder of you and all that Jesus has accomplished through you.  My heart swells every time I look back over these pics.  Tears usually fill my eyes, because I just couldn't ask for a sweeter sis.  You set the standard high... doing all for His glory.  Praying that God continues to "establish the work of your hands."  

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Natasha said...

Awesome! What grade/s does she teach?