Thursday, September 27, 2012

my favorite day

our weekly mommy/barrett day is becoming my favorite day!
we visited the dallas arboretum.
the amazing pumpkin village was a perfect start to fall!

i LOVE this

mommy, go get those balls... swim... get them! haha

"to the moon, best friends, forever"
and then B usually adds an "Amen!" :)

yes, he asked the man for a football...

this face... SMOOCH!
helping mommy cook and clean!
learning to be a servant!!

we get free bananas every week... and banana bread has become one of our favorite lately!
ray said it was a 10... that NEVER happens!! :)

fall = chili

the leaves aren't changing here,
and the temperature is still at 95,
but we are loving life in dallas...

meeting new friends,
trying new things,
experiencing God is new and amazing ways!

i will cherish these memories forever...

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leslie.kidd said...

So fun! I wish we got all those great pumpkin things here ... maybe one year we'll have to take Zoey to the US in the fall and then we can enjoy fall things w/ her! Glad you guys are doing so well!! B is sooo cute! Love ya!