Thursday, February 23, 2012


i have been wanting to write lately... but every time i try to get my thoughts out, they just don't come or something comes up... this morning my little boy busted his chin during a morning game of chase... a few days ago it was allergies, a few days before that it was the nasty stomach bug, a few days before that it was a busted head during one of his many pretend football games, and a few days before that was the start of a cold that has lasted about 2 weeks~ to say the least, i am OVER IT!

but i guess sometimes you just have to jump right in...

first things first...


living in texas might take some getting used to, but the school... was... awesome! i think ray & i loved it more than we thought we would. it just felt right... we toured the campus and even got a special tour of the married housing by the dean of families. we will definitely have to downsize... but we both just looked at each other nodded our head in agreement, as if to say, it will be worth it.

thanks to my sweet mama in law i got to go to everything with ray while she hung out with barrett! we loved the classes, teachers, chapels, & worship night. we were both refreshed... new faces, new passions, & a fresh filling of Jesus. i think it was just what we needed as confirmation for where the Lord is leading us at this time.

and yes, we made it to GiGi's cupcakes! YUM!! it was such a sweet sweet blessing to have Sharay there with us! she brings so much laughter, love, encouragement, & fun! and my favorite part is that next me and ray, our boy loves his GiGi... ALOT! it helped me to feel so much more peaceful knowing that barrett was being taken care of so we could really focus on the school!

side note: one of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing how much ray & i were on the same page... we want the same things in life, even though at times that looks different. we both are sensing the same direction from the Lord. we laughed alot. shared memories. talked about our future hopes. what life will look like for our family. what God is showing us. it just felt nice to be on the same page. i love that. it was an added gift from the Lord.

we also got to visit some fun places in Dallas... Dallas Cowboys Stadium being one of our faves!

and i couldn't leave Texas without my first pair of cowgirl boots! i LOVE them!

the trip home felt long... and our baby boy was ready to be in his crib, GiGi was ready to see her family, and it was time to get back on our routine for now. this is still home for a little while...

we are grateful to the Lord for His favor to us on our trip... we feel Him so near to us, leading, guiding, directing... it really is ALL ABOUT HIM. (small excerpt from the book Radical... lovin it!)

more to come as we make plans for our move... but for now, its bath time!


leslie.kidd said...

I can't wait to see what God does with you. Yah for things going so well in Dallas and you loving the school! Very exciting! :)

abbey said...

Definitely bittersweet for me girl! So excited that God is leading and guiding you guys into this new chapter in your lives, but will miss you terribly!! :( love you!!