Friday, August 26, 2011

His name and the Hurricane

its lunchtime for me while my little post-sickness boy is napping... AND i'm eating my dessert first :) i love doing that!

just made some monster cookies to prepare for the hurricane that is headed directly for us! yikes!! my cookie is melting in my mouth, its peaceful outside, and its hard to believe that a hurricane is coming right for us! everything seems to like normal.... other than...

my little guy got the stomach virus (or so i think...
after 6 episodes of cleaning up throw up and
changing pj's multiple times). he is so
pitiful when he feels bad... he wouldn't even lift his precious little
head off my shoulder... all night! therefore, mommy got
no sleep last night either and ended up calling out of work...
my sweet friends at work were all so gracious and said...
family first! what a gift to have
friends that understand how important family is... i'm grateful that i
have been able to be with him today... lots of snuggling, naps,
crackers, and pedialyte....
oh that brings me to another thought...

ray left to go out of town yesterday... not a good
weekend to leave, sitting in the rocker with my
puking baby and my
thoughts, i decided i needed help.. and so my sweet friends
came to my rescue with pedialyte
and a surprise visit from another
couple just to check on my boy and i.
man, i was really overwhelmed that my friends
were so willing to help
and just be there for me... i even woke up
to numerous texts to check
on barrett... thats jesus... thats his heart
and i am so grateful to
have friends like that... thanks guys!! xoxo

anyway, back to the original post... :)

so... hurricane irene... pretty scary from the looks of it, but we are all just sitting here anticipating what's to come. i've been watching the news, listening to all the changes, and just waiting! i think my heart has been beating a little faster the past 24 hours... with ray leaving (which he did come home late last night.. thank you lord!), barrett sick, having to work, and a hurricane coming.... i was starting to get anxious!

one word has been on repeat in my mind...


i can call his name out when i feel alone,
i can call his name out in the middle of the night
i can call his name when my son is sick
i can call his name for protection
i can call his name for wisdom
i can call his name when i'm scared
there is power in the name of JESUS...
"Your name is a strong and mighty tower,
Your name, let the nations sing it louder,
Nothing has the power to save,
But your name!"
(from a favorite song by Paul Baloche)

cookies made, candles ready, flashlight in every room, food prepared, cars gassed up, water stored... but the most important thing... HIS NAME... i can call on Him at anytime, no matter what is headed my way... hurricane irene, sickness, fear, loneliness... JESUS... JESUS... JESUS...

What "name" has you terrified for your life?

Whisper "Jesus."

Jesus. What a beautiful, powerful Name.

oh, and more to come on my amazing time with my sis...
she just celebrated her birthday and is heading into
her senior year at Lee University...
i'm so proud of her...
she's an awesome girl and i love our times together!

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