Friday, December 17, 2010

Bestie ReUniOn 2010!! :)

So excited that my 3 best friends from college are on their way to my little house right now!! I am SO excited! For 2 days we are going to pretend to be college girls again!!! (with a few breaks for nursing my son, changing him, and of coarse lovin' on him!!) I cannot imagine my life without these 3 amazing girls! Can't wait to pack this weekend full of sweet memories!!! Whoohooo!!

My room-mate for 4 years, Sarah!
(and thats sayin alot)
My dear friend Julia, better known as Hules!
And my fellow nursing friend, Kristi!
We shared many memories right from the start of
freshman year... Sarah, Julia, & I lived on the same
hall together! It was totally the Lord that brought us together!
We had some VERY silly times freshman year!
And then, sophomore year came our little Kristi!

Love you girls! Can't wait for you to get here!!!!

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