Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Level...

Well, We have been settling back into life....TOGETHER!! Yeah! :)
It has been a total BLAST !!!!
This weekend we had a super fun family wedding....Jim and Connie Maddox!

Sharay and her parents....
I am so thankful for Nanny and PawPaw...
The other day they came over and helped us get
our house set up! Pawpaw hung things on the wall
and Nanny and I went through thousands of clothes :)
Love you guys!

My beautiful mother-in-law and her adorable sons

Ray and his mom

Kyle, Jenni, and I
I just LOVE my new family so so much!

PawPaw and Ray
He always tells me he learned everything from PawPaw...

Jenni and Ray

Gorgeous Ant Sandy

Jim and Connie Maddox!

I came home from working all night on Friday and
found these two cuties on my couch :)
My other cutie was all tucked in his bed upstairs..haha!

Bridal Brunch at Connie's

Kate and Giselle

All my special Bridesmaids....
Thanks for all your help girls!

My BEST friends in the whole world!

My dear Rachy!
She made the most amazing programs for my wedding...
probably one of my most favorite things at the wedding!

My sis, Betsy and my new sis Katelyn!

Decorating for the reception

Awww, I just LOVE the girls

I don't have pictures back from the wedding, so
I don't have any of Ray and I , so here is me and my
college room-mate and one of my best friends, Sarah :)

(you can kinda see my HOT husband in the background :)




Beautiful sunrises and sunsets....ahhh!

one of my baby's favorite things in Hawaii...
SHAVED ICE....just ask him about it! hehe

The Lord gave us such a special honeymoon....
So many amazing memories, laughs, and lots and lots of LOVE! :)

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hunts said...

awwwwww I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!! :) what great pictures ash & what a wonderful reminder of God's continual kindness, faithfulness, and love towards us all! :) Can't wait to see you soon girl! :) When you havin us over?? COUSIN NIGHT BABY! :) hehe LOVE YA!!